Kevin Cronin

Kevin Cronin is a graduate from Northern Illinois University, where he earned his certification in Athletic Training, and earned his degree in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University Programs in Physical Therapy (N.U.P.T.).  As the founder (in 1996) and owner of Advanced Rehabilitation Clinics, Inc. (ARC), Kevin has dedicated his professional life to making a difference in the lives of the people that ARC Physical Therapy serves.  Kevin was certified in Strain and Counterstrain in 2003, and has lectured on Counterstrain for the IPTA, IATA, GLATA, NATA, Governor’s State University, and at numerous private and public events.  Kevin has been learning, practicing, and training his staff in Fascial Counterstrain for the past 12 years, and has recently been presenting updates on fascial research to medical professionals in the Chicago area, and also to a wider audience via articles and blog posts on various media outlets.

Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife and family, likes to cook/bake occasionally, but especially craves beach time, especially during cold and snowy Chicago winters.

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My first ever physical therapy to treat soreness in hips and pelvic area. Closest thing to magic I’ve ever experienced. Amy used techniques to identify the sources of pain problem areas and gently worked them out. Much more comfortable than I had expected. Problems haven’t returned since last visit a few months ago, but I sure know where to go if they do.

Tim M.

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