Rosanna Ridgeway

Upon visiting ARC Physical Therapy, Rosanna Ridgeway experienced significant issues with neuropathy in her leg. While initially beginning and staying consistent with traditional physical therapy, after a few months she wasn’t noticing any positive changes regarding her condition. As a result, her physical therapist recommended ARC Physical Therapy, and noted ‘she recommended a previous patient visit ARC following initial failed traditional courses of recovery, and the patient saw great success.’

Neuropathy is damage to the nerves, and it can cause pain in the legs and feet. Common symptoms of neuropathy can include pain and/or numbness specifically in the legs, feet and hands. Discomfort can also be very prevalent within the digestive, urination and circulation systems. What Rosanna was experiencing is something many people deal with in their lives.

Amy McDowell was the physical therapist who started treatments and worked alongside Rosanna. “Not only did my conditions improve, but I connected to and really enjoyed the environment and the staff.”

After working with Amy for almost two years, Rosanna also met and worked alongside Amie King. She noted Amie was someone she ‘could count on all the time’ and said she appreciated her style of work.

In receiving the Counterstrain technique in treating neuropathy, Rosanna was initially surprised at how different it was from traditional PT. “To understand the differences without completing the therapy is incomprehensible. Just try it! It’s a process you have to have confidence in. It works!”

About the therapy itself, Rosanna described it as ‘a gentle massage.’ To people that may benefit from Counterstrain therapy, as a first-time patient herself, Rosanna recommends entering the process with an open mind. As neuropathy is a condition that typically doesn’t immediately go away, Rosanna says “she is confident the therapy has kept her symptoms under control.”

Originally from Ireland, Rosanna now has lived in Schiller Park for the last 58 years and frequently drives to visit her daughter in Elmhurst. She believes that counter strain therapy has been an important aspect in her maintaining her independence at 89 years old.

Rosanna enjoys visiting with her family and caring for her husband. She also frequently takes long walks and prefers to stay active, saying that her care at ARC Physical Therapy helps her to remain as active as she can be!




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