Anne Sharfman

Physical Therapy & Counterstrain Helped Anne Play More With Her Grandchildren!

Anne Sharfman didn’t know that when she first came to ARC Physical Therapy at the suggestion of her brother, that it would lead to so much more than just a fixed shoulder. Back in 2018, as a patient, curious about the treatment her physical therapist, Alison Brown Ferguson, was talking about – Counterstrain. At the time, she’d not heard of it, but at her first appointment, its benefits were being laid out, including the fact that she didn’t need to do any kind of strenuous workouts that she felt may contribute to her already uncomfortable shoulder.

“After even the first session, my pain just started to clear up and so I kept going and I kept improving. I noticed a difference almost immediately; it was really, really impressive. At the time, I didn’t really understand how the technique worked, I just knew that it helped a lot,” Anne said.

She continued with her sessions with Alison until the pain was successfully treated and she could use her shoulder normally again. A short time later, COVID made its way into our lexicon, and it was the start of big changes for everyone. While many people were able to work from home, people who needed physical therapy still needed to come into the office and ARC found themselves in need of an office manager for their downtown location at 150 S. Wacker Drive.

“It worked out really well because I found out they were looking to hire, and I already knew about the Counterstrain technique and knew that they did a great job and so I applied. I’m a senior citizen but still wanted to stay active and work, so this was a good situation for me. So when people come in or when they call, I can talk to them not just as an employee but as a patient.”

Even now, she’s still a patient. As new ailments have cropped up with age, she’s gotten them treated with ARC’s physical therapists. Different issues with her back and knees have been sorted out over the last few years and so now, she’s able to be more active and independent. With this consistent care, she’s been able to remain hand-on when it comes to caring for her grandchildren and is able to keep up with them as they run around and play.

Currently, she’s receiving Counterstrain treatment for knee pain. When the pain first started, it prevented her from being able to get up and down off the floor when one of the kids wanted grandma time. As she’s gotten more and more care for this ailment, she said she has more confidence when moving around with the kids and is gaining more strength and flexibility in her legs.

“As we did more and more treatments to target my knees, I started to look forward to getting down on the floor with the kids instead of just sitting in the chair and watching them play. After a few sessions, I realized ‘yes, I can get up!’ It was a great feeling,” Anne said. “I know a lot of people in my age group have this kind of problem and I know a lot of people would benefit from Counterstrain pain treatment.”

One of the things that also contributed to Anne’s success was the way Counterstrain works. Instead of strenuous exercises, the treatment is comfortable and relaxing.

“I hate exercise,” she said with a laugh. “I always have to force myself to do it. With Counterstrain, you let the therapist do their work and answer their questions. It’s very calming.”

Even before she started working for ARC, she recognized that they had an under-the-radar way of treating pain and was an advocate for the clinic to others who sounded like they could benefit from Counterstrain treatment.

“I will say to people who’ve never heard of Counterstrain, that you’ve got to try it. We’re a little different than what you’d expect. We’re more than what you think of when you think of a physical therapy clinic. I definitely recommend it because nine times out of ten, you’ll feel better and I’m not just saying that because I work there now!”

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ARC’s strain/counterstrain has been much more useful to me for relieving severely clenched or damaged tissue than previous treatments at other PT institutions or therapeutic massage; it’s brought me long-term relief. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Katherine T.

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