Gary Safron

A Patient’s Easy-to Follow Equation to Living Their Best Life: Drive to Remain Healthy  X Their Knowledge of What ARC Can Do = The Freedom of Movement He Has Today


From the time he was a young man working at NBC 5 Chicago to where he is today, the owner of a long-time Chicago area advertising agency, Gary Safron has always weighted decisions as rational versus irrational. It’s been decades since he started his career in what makes an ad connect with people. But even now, as he describes how he’s applied this thought process to everything else in his life, he said it was both the rational, and best choice to go to ARC Physical Therapy to get his pain treated. 

In a conversation about what keeps him propelling forward and his advice for others, he’s developed a mantra that’s something we feel everyone could benefit from learning and applying to their own situations. D x K = O. 

As Gary described how he applied this formula for initial progress and long term success, he called ‘D’ drive, ‘K’ knowledge and ‘O’ outcome. That if you combine the drive you have to get the best results possible with the knowledge you receive, you’ll have a positive outcome. This equation resonated with us because it’s applicable to everyone thinking differently about how to address their physical challenges, whether it be a recovery from an injury or addressing longtime pain, and find their own path to wellness. 

“I have fallen down so many times, and I will continue to fall down, but I’m always driven to get up and pick up and keep fighting,” Gary said. “Sometimes, it really does come down to ‘okay, this might be easy for some people, but this is hard for me, but I have the drive and I know what can help me succeed.’” 

After a years of getting great physical therapy treatment for a herniated disc in the south suburbs, he moved to the city and his business to Elmhurst. At the time his physical therapist recommended Kevin Cronin for therapy near his office.

“I’ve been going to Kevin for a long time, off and on, and would be better with his help. And then when I get in trouble and my back acts up, I call him, I see him and we set up a plan to treat it. And he’s been a tremendous help to me. The use of Counterstrain on my spinal stenosis has been phenomenal,” Gary said. 

He added that Kevin’s use of state of the art practices in regard to Counterstrain with traditional therapeutic techniques has been a game changer for his back and spine health. 

“Kevin’s very unique and has been doing Counterstrain for many years, and it shows. Another thing I liked about his methods is that he gives you a straightforward assessment of your ailment and different options for your treatment, so you have a better understanding and control of the situation. He’s helped me tremendously with the spinal stenosis and the herniated disc.”

Going back to Gary’s first appointment with ARC Physical Therapy, he describes it as very warm, inviting and knowledgeable. During the initial appointment, he said that Kevin gave him advice that was easy to follow and the first round of care he received was not as strenuous as he thought it would be. 

“After my first session, I was very impressed by the practice… Counterstrain is a gentle, easy way of manipulating the body… I could see that it helped me right away,” Gary added. 


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My first ever physical therapy to treat soreness in hips and pelvic area. Closest thing to magic I’ve ever experienced. Amy used techniques to identify the sources of pain problem areas and gently worked them out. Much more comfortable than I had expected. Problems haven’t returned since last visit a few months ago, but I sure know where to go if they do.

Tim M.

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