Helen: Believe

Helen Maroulis, a world-famous wrestler, used Counterstrain to turn her career around to win an Olympic Medal.  Her story is told in a new documentary that was released in March. 

Here’s our review of the film! 

Film Details:

Helen Maroulis was a record-setter long before her life story became even more of an inspiration to anyone facing seemingly insurmountable challenges.   The whole story is covered in ‘Helen: Believe’, which showed in theaters nationwide in March. Helen won the gold medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio and was the first American woman to ever win gold at a wrestling event.

In 2018, Helen was told that her career as a professional athlete was over, after a devastating injury that included significant brain trauma and also required shoulder surgery. The lingering effects of her injury kept her benched, and it wasn’t until she started getting treatment from the originator of Counterstrain, Physical Therapist Brian Tuckey, that she started to see her prospects turn around.  After treatment with Counterstrain, Helen was able to train again in preparation for the 2020 Olympic  Games in Tokyo.  Just weeks before the U.S. Olympic trials, however, Helen was injured again, and was again told she would not be ready in time for the trials.  Helen turned to Counterstrain once again and recovered in time to not only win the U.S. Olympic Trials, but she went on to Tokyo and won the Bronze Medal as well.

The Film & Counterstrain

There are other examples of athletes overcoming injuries and there have even been documentaries made elucidating their struggles and how they overcame their challenges.  This film is notable, however, because Helen used Counterstrain, which is a treatment that is highly effective but not widely known, to overcome a career-ending injury.  Brian Tuckey, who founded Counterstrain and treated Helen, is also featured in the film.

“ARC Physical Therapy is one of the only places in the Chicagoland area to provide this service and it’s really something more healthcare providers and patients should know about since it’s something that can help all sorts of pain from head to toe,” said ARC Physical Therapy owner Kevin Cronin.

While ARC didn’t directly treat Helen, Brian Tuckey is a long-time mentor to Kevin and the whole team of Counterstrain-trained physical therapists at ARC, who are eager to demonstrate why this is such an effective pain relief method.

Learn more about the film HERE!

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