Runner's Evaluation & Performance

ARC’s Runner’s Evaluation and Performance Program is beneficial if you are having pain and/or discomfort during or after your run, or if you are looking to improve your times, from 5k races to marathons.

Runner’s evaluation: Getting to the root of the problem

Over years of running, muscular imbalances may develop and an inefficient stride can develop. We often do not notice these changes, as they occur gradually. An injury can change the way that you run as well. An inefficient running form often will lead to an overuse of one or more areas of the body leading to an injury. The Runner’s Evaluation is a comprehensive “whole-body” scan, which will assess body alignment, flexibility, strength, balance and running biomechanics.

Video gait and running analysis with Dartfish technology:

The Runner’s Evaluation utilizes Dartfish software. Dartfish is a sophisticated motion analysis program, which allows for the breakdown and analysis of any movement. Dartfish technologies are widely used with Olympic and professional athletes and has allowed for breakthrough sports training applications. The software uses digital video graphics taken during the evaluation and allows for frame-by-frame analysis of your running stride. What was once unseen, will now be clearly seen. ARC’s highly trained staff will utilize the information gained from the evaluation and Dartfish analysis to develop a comprehensive exercise program to promote efficient, injury-free running.

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