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At ARC Physical Therapy, we understand that not everyone may have access to the resources and knowledge that they need in order to live healthy, happy lives. On the other end of the spectrum, those that may have access to such resources may not have the time. This is the major motivating factor behind ARC’s Educational Seminars.

Originally created for local community events, these seminars can also be tailored towards the corporate world to educate employees on how to recognize and correct detrimental habits, and to prevent adverse stress to the body.

Events range in topic from Fall Prevention Seminars for the elderly, to Pre-Workout Tips for those beginning a workout plan, to a focus on workstation ergonomics for those who work in an office setting five days a week.

Physically demanding work such as repeated lifting obviously places a great deal of stress on the body, especially the lower back. Sitting for prolonged periods of time at a desk or computer station may not seem like physically demanding work, but the stress on the neck and lower back can be just as demanding as heavy work. Even proper posture can be stressful if held for a long of a period of time without rest.

This packet outlines the more popular educational sessions that ARC offers, which are perfect as “lunch and learn” activities for your workplace or community group! If interested in scheduling an Educational Seminar with ARC, please contact Amanda Letrich, Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Desktop Fitness

This 30 to 45-minute lecture/demonstration program addresses the basics of setting up a work station comfortably and inexpensively in order to adhere to sound ergonomic principles. This program also includes demonstration and practice (by all present) of a simple preventative stretching program to be performed by the individual at their desk, called the “One Minute Muscle Manager,” which saves time and increases productivity because the individual is not distracted by neck, shoulder or low back discomfort.


Osteoporosis and Arthritis Management

Did you know that osteoporosis affects 55% of Americans age 50 or older? Osteoporosis, unsteady balance, and falls can cause severe consequences, especially for elderly men and women. Thin bones are the cause of 1.5 million fractures per year in the United States – with hip fractures alone resulting in 300,000 hospitalizations. ARC Physical Therapy offers a 30 to 45-minute seminar given by a Licensed Physical Therapist on osteoporosis awareness. Participants can learn more about this common bone disease, such as helpful exercises and diet tips, and even how to improve balance as to reduce the risk of falling.


Free Consultations

Feeling any aches or pains? ARC Physical Therapy will provide free consultations either on an as-needed basis (by appointment) in our office, or we can bring a treatment table to your office and provide free consultations onsite! This is your opportunity to discover Fascial Counterstrain – a gentle yet effective treatment technique done only at ARC that immediately eliminates tightness and pain. We ask that employees schedule times on a sign-up sheet beforehand to ensure that the time is used efficiently, allowing at least 15 minutes for each patient.


Preventing Pain: Pre-Workout Tips

Whether you’re an expert marathon runner or the amateur at the gym this week, there are plenty of tips to take note of in order to prevent injury and pain. Presented by a Licensed Physical Therapist, this event will guide the audience through different types of exercises and stretches, as well as debunk some workout myths. Participants may ask questions during this 30 to 45-minute interactive seminar. The therapist can stay after presentation to offer free pain consultations, upon request.



No Drugs, No Surgery, No Pain

The U.S. Center for Disease Control estimates that 14.4% of the U.S. population lives with a chronic, uncomfortable musculoskeletal condition. This 30 to 45-minute lecture identifies and describes some of the innovative and alternative non-surgical (and non-drug) healthcare solutions that are available for individuals with chronic, nagging discomfort that can interfere with workplace productivity. Resources and informative handouts are provided to participants.


BioniCare: Avoiding Total Knee Replacement

According to its’ FDA clearance, BioniCare is the only treatment available that provides pain relief and an overall improvement to an osteoarthritic knee as assessed by the physician’s global evaluation. More than 5,000 physicians have treated over 80,000 osteoarthritis patients with the BioniCare Knee System, and the results have been outstanding. This knee system is the only device that the FDA states is helpful for knee osteoarthritis – plus, it is covered by MediCare. This 30 to 45-minute lecture & demonstration will inform participants about an alternative treatment for knee arthritis that has been helping over 70% of patients who had been told they need a total knee replacement to avoid the surgery altogether! Resources and informative handouts are provided to participants.


Fall Prevention

In the U.S., 1 out of every 3 older adults aged 65 or older will fall. Injuries from falls can be minor, or can result in severe injury and loss of function. There are many ways falls can be prevented. One way is to be screened for risk factors such as deficits in balance. Each participant will be tested for balance deficits, and given a score that states an individual’s risk for falling (mild, moderate, severe). A Licensed Physical Therapist will then advise participants about exercises that can lower their risk of falling in the future.


Stress Relief Seminar

Stress is a pervasive problem nationwide. A 2012 American Psychological Association found that 94% of Americans believed that stress can contribute to major illnesses, but only 29% believe that they are doing a good job managing their stress. The stress relief seminar is a 30 to 45-minute interactive program that offers the participants proven methods that are easy and effective in reducing stress levels and the effect it has on our bodies. Handouts with resources and instructions for reducing stress are provided.


Juicing 101 ($50 fee)

Juicing 101 is a popular hour long seminar where individuals can learn about the basics of juicing (as well as making whole fruit smoothies), and how it can significantly improve overall wellness. In this event, Kevin Cronin (PT/Owner) walks through the juicing process and gives samples of different mixes. He even provides recipes and recommendations for people interested in juicing. Due to the price of supplies (organic fruits and vegetables), this event costs $50. For groups of over 20, there is a $2 per person charge. A Licensed Physical Therapist may also stay after the presentation to offer free pain consultations, upon request.


Total Motion Release

This 30 to 45-minute demonstration/practice session for employees is an easy, safe, and extremely effective way for anyone to check and correct their alignment (without manipulation), which helps to reduce strain in the areas most commonly affected by stress (low back, neck and shoulders). Using this self-correction method helps individuals exercise more efficiently, and can help reduce the incidence of overuse injuries. This program requires only a standard chair for each person attending.



Advanced Rehabilitation Clinics, Inc. was founded in 1996, in Elmhurst, IL., by Kevin M. Cronin, PT, ATC, JSCC, as a provider of outpatient orthopedic physical therapy. By consistently providing quality care and exceptional service, ARC Physical Therapy has been able to grow and expand. Today, we are grateful for the opportunity to help people throughout the Chicago area recover from a wide variety of painful conditions.


ARC Physical Therapy offers FREE CONSULTATIONS that include a demonstration of our unique treatment technique called Fascial Counterstrain (see

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