ARC on “The Doctor & the Pharmacist” Radio Show

By ARC - 18th September 2017

                  Did you catch Kevin Cronin, PT/Owner of ARC Physical Therapy, & Amy McDowell, PT, on “The Doctor and the...

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Getting Over an Injury (Mentally)

By ARC - 8th May 2017

Regardless of your fitness level or how you became injured, one of the most important elements of recovery is the mental portion (understanding what happened, educating yourself on what to do/not do while healing, learning how to avoid re-injury). Take a positive spin on it - think of an injury as a way to reset your body and the way you move, rather than a setback to your everyday life.

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Using Massage Therapy to Aid in the Healing Process

By ARC - 6th February 2017

You have the option to invest in yourself by taking preventative measures and giving your body the maintenance care that it needs. Along with seeing a team of health care professionals like physical therapists, chiropractors, and doctors, seeing a massage therapist can also aid in the healing process.

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5 Ways to Maximize Your Physical Therapy Experience

By ARC - 30th September 2016

So you’ve developed a nagging pain, or you’ve managed to injure yourself, and it’s been recommended that you undergo a course of physical therapy, now what? Physical Therapy can be a very powerful tool for getting over a painful condition and on with your life. Your therapist will undoubtedly play a large role in your recovery process, but really it’s a team effort, and ultimately your body and therefore your responsibility to care for. With that in mind, here is what you can do to maximize your therapy experience and expedite your healing.

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You Don’t Have to Choose: Physical Therapy vs Chiropractic Care

By ARC - 1st August 2016

Although chiropractic care and physical therapy both aim to return function to the body, they go about it in different ways. Chiropractic care focuses on gaining optimal wellness and function by realigning spinal vertebrae through adjustments.

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Are Your Summer Sandals Hurting Your Health?

By ARC - 27th July 2016

By Amy McDowell, PT Every year I have patients who exacerbate an injury when they transition from supportive winter shoes to more open summer sandals, such as flip-flops.

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What is the Rotator Cuff?

By ARC - 2nd May 2016

In my ten plus years of experience, it has come to my attention time and again that there is much confusion regarding the rotator cuff. Folks seem to know they have one, though often the pronunciation gets a bit butchered (with my personal favorite variation being “rotor cup”). There is also very little consensus as to what it is exactly, and what it actually does.

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5 Exercises You Might Be Doing Wrong

By ARC - 24th March 2016

So you’ve gotten yourself motivated, succeeded in getting yourself to the gym, and put in some great effort… but you are not seeing the results you want, and now nursing some new aches and pains. What gives?! Perhaps you have fallen prey to poor form on some of your strengthening exercises.

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The Importance of Cross-Training

By ARC - 9th March 2016

As you’re racking up race registrations and scoping out training schedules, I’d encourage you to consider incorporating some cross-training as a means to not only avoid injuries that could keep you sidelined during our precious few warm months, but also help improve your chances of setting that personal best before the snow flies once more

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Running in a Winter Wonderland

By ARC - 15th February 2016

All of these thoughts led me to do a little research, making me wonder, is it really even safe to exercise in the winter? Unfortunately, there is no “right” answer to this question. To some extent, yes, almost everyone can do some sort of physical activity outside - even in the snow!

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