Work Place Self Care by Julie Deignan MPT, LMT

By ARC - 29th July 2019

Workplace Self-care I’m going to assume we’ve all heard at this point that prolonged sitting isn’t doing our bodies any favors. According to a 2018 CDC report, 25% of Americans are sitting more than 8 hours per day, which can trigger a wide range of health problems.  A number of them can be attributed to this:  Slumped Posture (i.e. forward head, shoulders, and upper back) I liken it to an epidemic, since I see it everywhere.  Commuters looking at their...

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Striding into Spring: Key tips for a Smooth Transition to Running Outdoors by Lauren Aplington PT,DPT

By ARC - 22nd April 2019

Whether you are returning to running after taking the winter months off or transitioning from running on the treadmill to running outside, there are some key factors to consider before heading out the door. Check your shoes Making sure you have the proper footwear is important before you make the transition. Going to a specialized running store or speaking to your healthcare provider will better ensure the right shoe for your foot and what goals you’re looking to achieve. You...

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Creatures Of Habit -Alison Brown Ferguson PT, ADP(OMT) Dip MT

By ARC - 29th March 2019

Habits and routines play a powerful role when it comes to our health, wellness and fitness. “If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters.”-Colin Powell When confronting an injury or dealing with a chronic pain issue we often look for the “fix” or the “cure”. Unfortunately, in many cases, there is isn’t a “specific” solution that lasts.   What is something that took some time for you to learn? Think of...

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Why Care About Your Core? – Amie King, PT

By ARC - 26th February 2019

Why care about your Core?   Physical therapists are often asked for advice from family and friends about what they can do to either heal from a painful issue, or prevent a painful issue.  And it is obviously something we are passionate about helping people with, from our family to our patients. Though there are certainly many things that contribute to pain and dysfunction and there is never, ever a one-size-fits-all solution, core strengthening consistently falls onto the short list...

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January aka “Time To Get Back in Shape” Month! – Elizabeth Dyer PT,DPT

By ARC - 2nd January 2019

  Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and some much needed time off. Now the New Year is here and it’s time for those New Year’s resolutions to...

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Holiday Travel Tips – Amy McDowell, PT

By ARC - 27th November 2018

With the holidays coming up quickly, most of us will be planning trips to visit family or just get away to nicer climates and “destress”. The actual travelling...

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ARC’s Physical Therapy Journal:

By ARC - 25th October 2018

Natural Alternatives to Support a Healthy Inflammatory Response By: Julie Deignan, MPT As a bodyworker for the past 27 years (Licensed Massage Therapist since 1991 and Licensed Physical Therapist since...

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By ARC - 24th September 2018

TIPS TO WARD OFF LOW BACK PAIN ON THE GOLF COURSE By Lauren Aplington, DPT As the temperatures are starting to cool down, and your plans to play...

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LAMAS Qi Gong Weight Loss Class

By ARC - 20th April 2018

How would you like to lose weight and keep it off? Sign up for LAMAS Qigong Weight Loss Class on Saturday, May 12th at 11:00 AM @ our...

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ARC on “The Doctor & the Pharmacist” Radio Show

By ARC - 18th September 2017

                  Did you catch Kevin Cronin, PT/Owner of ARC Physical Therapy, & Amy McDowell, PT, on “The Doctor and the...

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