Best Body Mechanics When Caring for Your Pet

By ARC - 29th July 2013

  ~By Brielle Ciucci, PT, DPT     My family and I recently added a new member to our family. She is now a 6 month old, 46...

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Physical Therapy Can Help with Allergies

By ARC - 24th July 2013

  ~By Renee Araldi   August is almost  upon us again and with it comes warmer weather, flip flops and open toed shoes, flowers abloom and ……… allergies!  I’m...

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Exercise Around the House

By ARC - 17th June 2013

    ~ by Meg Urban     Here is a list of some silly yet fun and exercises that you can easily do while around the house....

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Wheat Belly. . . What Is It?

By ARC - 10th June 2013

  ~  By Kristen Markett   Wheat is in almost everything. It is in carbohydrate products, skin care products, and even fillers in other products. Why is this...

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To Bikram or Not to Bikram?

By ARC - 31st May 2013

  ~By Kasia Williams     Let’s face it, we all suffer from some form of stress, sleeping disorder, arthritis, weight gain, and a wandering mind.  Even though...

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Cycling-Proper Mechanics for an Easy Ride!

By ARC - 28th May 2013

                 ~By Kevin Cronin, PT, JSCC, ATC     With the weather beginning to warm up, it is the perfect time to get out to enjoy the...

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Ten Reasons to Eat (Dark) Chocolate

By ARC - 20th May 2013

  ~ By Amy Elliott     Chocolate as a health food, I think I’ve died and gone to heaven!  As a health care professional I make an...

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Eat Well. Work Well. Live Well

By ARC - 6th May 2013

  ~By Anita Lanute   We all know that poor diet is associated with the development of heart disease, some types of cancers, and stroke, as well as...

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Gardening is a Workout!

By ARC - 1st May 2013

    ~By Brielle Ciucci, PT, DPT   If the old adage is true that “April showers bring May flowers”, we are in for a beautiful May.  It...

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The Science of Food

By ARC - 29th April 2013

  ~By Linda Finn, PT, WCS Have you ever been depressed and treated yourself to some chocolate? When you are stressed out, do you find yourself craving some...

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