Spring is in the Air . . .and at Your Fingertips!

By ARC - 30th April 2014

  ~By Shannon Halverson     With more attention focused on health and well-being these days, more and more often are we seeing community gardens spring up all...

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Top 10 Reasons to Talk to Your Doctor About Bone Health

By ARC - 30th April 2014

    ~By Alison Ferguson, PT       May is National Osteoporosis Month.  Listed below are 10 reasons why you should learn your risk factors for osteoporosis...

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Strengthening the “Core” Muscles of the Foot

By ARC - 3rd April 2014

The intrinsic muscles are like the “core” muscles of the foot. Because they are deep and don’t cross over too many joints, they can work well in stabilizing and protecting the arch and structures within the foot. If the foot intrinsic muscles are weak, the foot structures are more prone to increased stress and injury. Strengthening the intrinsic muscles of the foot is good for people with foot injuries and for those looking to prevent injury.

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Selfless Giving

By ARC - 6th December 2013

      ~By Kevin Cronin, PT, JSCC Owner and CEO, ARC Physical Therapy   Below is a letter to the editor as it appeared in the Elmhurst...

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Jumping on the Bandwagon

By ARC - 2nd December 2013

~By Meagan LaCour   We all want to know the secrets to success, although no one can promise any one thing will work, Forbes magazine created a list...

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Hot Yoga with a Twist

By ARC - 11th November 2013

  by Gina Hartnett   I recently started taking hot yoga sculpting classes at CorePower Yoga and to my surprise I love it!  I’ve never really taken a...

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Mindfulness Meditation

By ARC - 4th November 2013

    ~by Kasia Williams   Ways to meditate…..even if it seems impossible! Mindfulness meditation is something that we should all try to incorporate into our daily lives....

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Allergies can be a real pain in the Achoo!

By ARC - 23rd September 2013

    ~By Michelle Majkrzak   Animal, food and seasonal related allergies can all be a drag. If you’re a sufferer, you know how allergies can affect your...

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Best Body Mechanics When Caring for Your Pet

By ARC - 29th July 2013

  ~By Brielle Ciucci, PT, DPT     My family and I recently added a new member to our family. She is now a 6 month old, 46...

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Physical Therapy Can Help with Allergies

By ARC - 24th July 2013

  ~By Renee Araldi   August is almost  upon us again and with it comes warmer weather, flip flops and open toed shoes, flowers abloom and ……… allergies!  I’m...

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