Spotlight On: ARC’s New Therapist, Ashleigh Jardine, PT

Spotlight On: ARC’s Newest Therapist – Ashleigh Jardine, PT


Hi there! My name is Ashleigh, and I’m the newest member of the ARC Physical Therapy team. If I haven’t met you yet, you’d probably recognize me in the Elmhurst clinic as Kevin’s sidekick (the one carrying around binders and a laptop, engrossed in the Strain-Counterstrain handbooks).

I recently graduated with my physical therapy degree from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. I’ve wanted to be a physical therapist for as long as I can remember, and couldn’t be happier about making my start here at ARC.

Last year, I finished a number of PT externships at locations in Michigan, Illinois and even 23b0485618d611e3aeed22000a9f13be_7down in Texas (where I somehow managed to survive the summer heat and, yes, snakes!) It was during this clinical experience that I first practiced the Strain-Counterstrain (SCS) technique. I remember being so impressed by its efficiency and effectiveness; I felt like the therapists were practicing some kind of “muscle magic” that miraculously healed lower backs and shoulders.

Following this rotation, I knew I had to find a facility that would let me practice SCS. I was also looking to provide one-on-one, individualized patient care (a luxury I did not have on every externship).

During my second interview at ARC, I was able to observe Kevin performing fascial SCS. In just a two-hour span, nearly every patient informed me that SCS “actually works,” and that I’d be “working with the best physical therapists around.” Three weeks into my experience, I now know that they were right! Not only are the techniques effective, but the staff truly care about their patients and strive to make a lasting, positive difference.

To put it simply, I’m so excited to be a member of the ARC team. My hope is that if you are ever in need of physical therapy services, you’ll remember us and have the chance to experience fascial SCS for yourself.

Here are some fun facts about Ashleigh!


Fact #1) One that might get me in trouble at some point, particularly on NFL Sundays in the city… I’m a huge Minnesota Vikings fan. Die hard. There, it’s out there. Sorry, Bears fans. Hope we can still be friends!

Fact #2) When people ask me where I’m from, I point to my right pisiform (small bone on the bottom left-side of my palm). I also know it as the “Southwest Michigan” boneMI

Fact #3) If I could get a job as a professional book reader/coffee drinker, I’d consider quitting physical therapy (but only consider it!).

Fact #4) I have a big family that I love more than anything, including a new nine month-old cousin who wears 24 month-old clothes.  (I’m sort of hoping he’ll grow up to be a linebacker. For the Vikings.)

Fact #5) At the top of my bucket list are things like “be in arena for the Olympics Opening Ceremony,” “learn to play the drums,” “write a book” and “visit downtown New York for New Year’s Eve.”


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