Spice It Up with Cross-Training

By Lauren Vollinger & Heather Hughes of Power Sculpt Fitness


If “variety is the spice of life,” then it should also be true of your workout regimen!

Being a classically trained dancer, all my life I was used to switching up different styles of dance, movements, and music each time I taught or took a class. When it came time to train for my first marathon, I found the monotony of running every day (sometimes for hours!) to be the most difficult barrier, both physically and mentally. This made cross-training an extremely important part of my marathon training, not only in order to sustain my physical health while training, but also to remind me to have fun with my non-running workouts!

HeatherPSFEveryone knows that it is important to be consistent with your workout program. Not only is it important to exercise consistently, but it is also extremely imperative to dedicate yourself to a routine long enough to give it a fair chance to see if it is really working. Creating a program that contains variety is crucial! Regardless of how intense and crazy a specific training regimen is, if it doesn’t contain variety, your body could adapt to it and therefore your results will be delayed (or perhaps even nonexistent!).

Personally, group fitness classes have always been my go-to for keeping my fitness routine fresh. You can try different formats that use Lauren V 2.jpg.opt310x206o0,0s310x206different equipment, such as TRX, Barre, yoga or cycling to target different muscles. Switching up the types of exercises can help prevent injury by not over using the same muscles all the time. One of my favorite parts about being on staff at Power Sculpt Fitness is that there is a different format waiting for me each day I show up! Group fitness is also a way to get in your cross-training variety without necessarily planning all of your exercises out for yourself, which is what initially drew me to it when I was a novice exerciser. Take a new class and learn something fresh to incorporate into your own workouts.

I am drawn to group fitness classes since it mimics the pace and format of dance classes (i.e., an instructor explaining what to do while watching and correcting you). However, this type of structure is not necessarily for everyone. Other types of cross-training include:


-Playing sports




-Weight training

-Barre conditioning



-Running/ jogging (if not main form of exercise

HeatherPSF2If your New Year’s resolution was to begin, revive, or continue a healthy lifestyle, it is easy to lose momentum at this time of year, especially with the Valentine’s Day chocolate sales approaching! Instead of binging on chocolates, make an effort to find yourself a group fitness class to try out! Many places offer a first-time discount or there may even be group fitness classes in the gyms you already belong to. It may take a few tries for you to find something that gets you excited, but once you do, it will help keep you on track to building that summer bikini body!

Lauren Vollinger 

Lauren Vollinger- Instructor, Power Sculpt Fitness




 Heather Hughes- Owner, Power Sculpt Fitness

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