Adding Insult to Injury


     ~By Christy Kabbani,  Owner

Two Mothers soup

We have all heard the phrase ‘adding insult to injury.’ The step beyond that is adding stress to injury. Stress is the invisible pathogen that has adverse physical effects that can be a road block on the road to recovery.  What if there was a place that could relieve the stress of finding you healing foods and took the time, care, and love to create a delicious cure to what ails you. Two Mothers Foods offers a one stop shop to all your food healing needs mastering in diet restrictions, knowledge on the healing power of food, and culinary expertise to mix those foods into something that will offer pleasure to the taste buds. I’m sure rehab exercises aren’t this pleasurable. “90 percent of life is just showing up.”—Andy Warhol. At least, 90% of your stress can be eliminated by showing up at Two Mothers Foods. You can’t give 110% at rehabbing if you don’t have the fuel to do it with. At the corner of 59 and Diehl, you will find food that is realer than real.

The road to recovery is like any evolution. A pathway filled with the gravel of worthwhile struggle. The one who conquers this pathway to the evolution is the one who embraces the struggle. The trick is to see struggles as challenges. Anyone who has rehabbed an injury will tell you that it is just as much mental and psychological as it is physical, but only if you divide those perspectives in those groupings. Mental and psychological are physical.

All disease starts in the digestive system; therefore, since the best cure is reversing the cause an understanding of the digestive system and how foods heal. Poor food choices can poison the body, and the best way to detox is never to tox. However, the body has amazing healing powers, and you heal through food. Time is a by-product of mind and each day the body begins again. The body doesn’t know what day it is and doesn’t judge the past, and all past attacks on the body can be wiped away with proper present tense nutrition.

Two Mothers embraces the challenges of custom diets and diet restrictions. No longer will you have to feel undeserved guilt of creating challenges for chefs. Your diet restrictions are a welcome challenge, or a culinary opportunity to evolve as chefs. The specialty of Two Mothers Foods is plant based vegan meals, snacks, and fresh juices that are nutrient and phytonutrient dense, vitamin packed, and delicious.  A healthy diet is highly beneficial on the road to healing after an injury or illness. Many simple fresh ingredients have magical healing powers. Nature cannot be improved upon except when it is prepared with love.

How does food cure pain?

—Increased alkalinity

—Reduced inflammation

—Gives you energy

—Bone health

Typical building blocks for nutritional healing are vitamin C, A, Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, protein, calcium, magnesium, natural anti-inflammatory agents, vitamin K, osteocalcin, and phytonutrients. Here are some healing foods offered at Two Mothers:

  • Pineapple: Vitamin C rich, bromelain (muscle healing enzyme)
  • Ginger: Wonderful anti-inflammatory for aches and pains
  • Tumeric: Flowering plant from ginger family, used in soups and curries. Active ingredient is curcumin-aids in wound healing and is also helpful in avoiding Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Local, raw honey:  Fights adrenal fatigue, great for allergies
  • Alkaline foods: Alkaline body chemistry promotes healing because it doesn’t rob the cells of oxygen to keep the blood’s pH balance at 7.3-7.4.
  • Vegetarian proteins!: These offset acidity and actually heals quicker as compared to meats which are most commonly acidic. Two Mothers offers these in Quinoa(a quarter cup of quinoa has 8 grams of protein), nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, lentils, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and tahini.
  • Magnesium: Needs to be in proportion to calcium to absorb calcium: A quarter cup of pumpkin seeds has 95% of the RDA of magnesium and 19 grams of protein. Two Mothers offers a Cacao-Maca-Coconut-Banana smoothie, which is a great source of magnesium.
  • Anti-inflammatory foods offered at Two Mothers: Veggie curries w/spices(tumeric), fresh ginger juice, beets, mango/beet salad.
  • Calcium rich foods offered at Two Mothers: Raw seed cookies, tahini dressing. Kale is high in calcium and more importantly to the bones osteocalcin. Osteocalcin build the protein of the bone without overbuilding the mineral density which merely makes bones brittle. 

For your stress-free convenience Two Mothers is offering a Dinner Club. It’s vegan, gluten free, no sugar, no trans fats, no preservatives, never frozen, freshly made, no colors, and no additives. $28 dollars plus tax serves 4. There is the option to add chicken or beef for $5. Two Mothers is also offering a custom meal plan for $16 per meal which comes with main course, side, and snack.

Mention this article and receive a FREE black bean brownie w/ any $10 purchase. Two Mothers is a cafe that seats 12.


“Let food be thy medicine.”—Hippocrates.

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