ARC Physical Therapy Helps Make Wishes Come True for Two Chicago Area Women

Local campaign grows as ARC helps people in need receive physical therapy for no cost

Chicago, IL April 2011 – ARC Physical Therapy launched their 15th Anniversary campaign last February announcing that they would be granting wishes for people in need of outpatient physical therapy services and treating them for no cost. Since then, ARC Physical Therapy has helped make two wishes come true for two Chicago area women.

The first wish that ARC granted was for a 63 year old unemployed woman, terminated by her employer and left with no medical insurance, who was struggling with calf/leg pain after a surgical repair of her right Achilles Tendon. The second wish was granted to a young female, 13 years old, who had reconstructive foot surgery and had no insurance coverage for her rehabilitation.

“Both of these wishes granted were for people in need of outpatient physical therapy who couldn’t afford to receive treatment,” said Kevin M. Cronin, Founder and Physical Therapist at ARC Physical Therapy. “These are the kinds of people we want to help, people who need physical therapy but struggle to receive or continue treatment.”

“This is only the beginning,” Cronin continued. “The campaign has grown tremendously over the last two months and we want it to continue to grow because these people in need deserve it.”

What started as a way for ARC to give back to the community quickly grew into something bigger. Local businesses started getting involved and wanted to know how they could help. One local business that ARC Physical Therapy has teamed up with is Relax the Back, who is offering a $50 store credit to the person selected each month.

“Relax The Back is proud to work with ARC Physical Therapy for such an altruistic cause.
We would encourage others to give back to the local community and bring much needed relief to individuals that suffer from pain,” said Paul Mazzocco from Relax The Back.

ARC Physical Therapy and Relax the Back are joining forces, and are asking not only those in need of physical therapy to submit a story, but are also asking Chicago area businesses to get involved and give back to the community with them.

Anyone in need of outpatient physical therapy services, who is struggling to receive or continue treatment, can enter to have their wish granted. To enter, participants must submit a short story (1 to 2 paragraphs) explaining their need of outpatient physical therapy and their concerns or challenges with receiving treatment. Please submit a story, to

Any Chicagoland businesses interested in joining with ARC Physical Therapy and Relax the Back to give back, please contact Amanda Letrich at

For Relax the Back, please visit

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